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We use teacher assessment at Lickhill Primary which is informed by a range of different systems.

Assessment is used to gain a deeper understanding of the children’s knowledge and indeed where there gaps are in their learning. This then enables us to plan lessons that specifically target what they don’t know, speeding up progress. We teach to gaps across the

School Pupil Tracker Online (SPTO) is used to record our judgements, assess whole class, individual and group progress – again, informing our next steps.

In each of our lessons we use Lickhill Steps to Success grids; these provide children with a step by step guide of how to be successful in meeting that lessons objective independently. They also enable teachers to assess children’s achievement against each of the individual steps of a lesson. We have found this consistently helpful because it instantly informs a teacher exactly which step of the concept a child is finding tricky, allowing them to target this gap and move the child forward with ease. Steps to Success also inform our on line assessment tool.

As part of our marking policy, we use ‘Fix Its’. After marking a piece of work against the Steps to Success, Fix Its are used to address misconceptions, to deepen or extend learning for children that have shown evidence of having met that objective.

Here at Lickhill we have developed our own Skills Assessments for Mathematics and Grammar. These are used throughout the year to assess the understanding of prior taught skills and to inform SPTO.

Oxford Reading Tree assessments are used to find the appropriate book band reading level for children and to back up teacher judgements. Throughout the year, we will also use reading tests to check children’s application of knowledge taught through weekly reading comprehension lessons. RWI assessments are used to assess children on the programme.

We have developed our own writing assessment sheets which are used consistently throughout school for independent writing.

Arithmetic and reasoning tests (taken from The White Rose) are used throughout the year to assess the understanding and application of prior skills taught. Once again, these are used to back up teacher judgements and to inform next steps.

Throughout the year we carry out in house moderation of assessment as well as working with other schools to verify our judgements.