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The 7 Secrets

Seven Secrets of Success - Mindset

To raise self-esteem and aspiration we have developed our Seven Secrets of Success.  This articulates the habits, attitude and mindset needed to achieve success. These values are at the core of our curriculum and are embedded in our daily culture - they are frequently referenced throughout the school. Children can now confidently recognise these behaviours in themselves and others: recognising the impact they have on their mindset.  


The Seven Secrets are :


  • Be Ambitious (aspire to greatness)
  • Be a Risk Taker (challenge yourself)
  • Be Innovative (find a creative solution)
  • Be a Team Player (respect, cooperate and share)
  • Be Strong (show resilience)
  • Be Focused (work hard)
  • Be Proud (celebrate success)

Here's a sneaky peak of Buzz Bee showing you one of our core values. 

To see all seven of our Buzz Bee videos explaining our Secrets of Success, please follow the link below. 

Be a Risk taker

Still image for this video
Buzz shows you one of our school's values.