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At Lickhill Primary School we have identified three main strands of learning that allow us to focus on the unique needs of the

pupils. The Drivers provide us with the medium of fulfilling our curriculum intent, enabling our children to flourish and be

prepared for the next stage of their education.










Curriculum and Teaching and Learning Strategies


Pupils being prepared for high school curriculum



Personal Development and the ‘Seven Secrets to Success’


Pupils being prepared for lifelong learning



Real life experiences and discovering interests and talents


Pupils having high aspirations for the future












Broad, balanced, rich and varied


Focus on provision for all subjects


Ambitious so all learners achieve irrespective of any needs they may have


Balance between knowledge-rich and life-long  learning skills education


Opportunities for retrieval and practise of key concepts


Applying Reading and Writing skills across the curriculum


Language rich curriculum – oracy, speaking and listening, phonics, reading and writing


Emphasis on vocabulary acquisition including technical words associated with different subjects and topics


Opportunities to read widely, often and for pleasure


Teaching and Learning:

Pupils demonstrate excellent learning behaviours and are ready to learn


Children are given opportunities to contribute and collaborate with one another


Children are encouraged to play, discover, explore and problem solve


Pupils are inspired and stimulated to question, challenge and debate


Assessment is used for learning – enabling pupils to recognise what they need to work on to achieve and celebrate as a strength


Inclusion and care for the individual


Setting high expectations and exacting standards



The Seven Secrets:

  • Be Ambitious (aspire to greatness)
  • Be a Risk Taker (challenge yourself)
  • Be Innovative (find a creative solution)
  • Be a Team Player (respect, cooperate and share)
  • Be Strong (show resilience)
  • Be Focused (work hard)
  • Be Proud (celebrate success)


Recognise basic human needs and the challenges of life


Focus on pupils being happy, confident and independent, autonomous learners


Promote a curiosity to discover more and explore the world they live in


Social, emotional and mental health education:

  • THRIVE Programme
  • 5 Ways to well-Being (connect, Be active, Take notice, Learn, Give)


Pupils demonstrate excellent learning behaviours and are ready to learn


PSHE Curriculum – focus on relationships and personal safety, celebrating difference


Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural Education, equipping children with the knowledge and empathy of other citizens here and around the world


Character Education – creating self-belief and a positive self esteem




Real life opportunities within the Arts – Music, Drama, Art


Real life experiences in Sport – intra and inter school festivals and competitions


Forest School provision – learning outside the classroom and applying problem solving skills


Encouragement to pursue interests and talents


Opportunities to be innovators, collaborators and leaders


Educational Visits linked to our topics


Specialist visitors supplementing the curriculum.


Enable the children to flourish and celebrate their achievements


British Values – preparing pupils to be excellent citizens of the future


Engagement in the community – demonstrating valuable contributions to local projects, establishments and encouraging parental involvement


Seven Secrets of Success - Mindset

To raise self-esteem and aspiration we have developed our Seven Secrets of Success.  This articulates the habits, attitude and mindset needed to achieve success. These values are at the core of our curriculum and are embedded in our daily culture - they are frequently referenced throughout the school. Children can now confidently recognise these behaviours in themselves and others: recognising the impact they have on their mindset.  


The Seven Secrets are :


  • Be Ambitious (aspire to greatness)
  • Be a Risk Taker (challenge yourself)
  • Be Innovative (find a creative solution)
  • Be a Team Player (respect, cooperate and share)
  • Be Strong (show resilience)
  • Be Focused (work hard)
  • Be Proud (celebrate success)


Here's a sneaky peak of Buzz Bee showing you one of our core values. 

To see all seven of our Buzz Bee videos explaining our Secrets of Success, please follow the link below. 

Buzz Bee being a Risk Taker

Still image for this video

 At Lickhill Primary School teachers are responsible for providing a curriculum that offers inclusion for all pupils in the class. All children in school should be getting this as a part of excellent classroom practice. Some children however will need additional support to meet the targets set in each year group. We ensure that we support all of our pupils, including those with SEND, in order that they can achieve and thrive.

We have high expectations for all pupils and are committed to ensuring our curriculum complies with the Equality Act 2010 and the Special Educational Needs and Disability Regulations 2014.

Details can be found in the 2022 Inclusion Policy - including SEN INFORMATION REPORT and the 2022 Equality and Diversity Objectives report.


    Remote Learning Plan

    Yearly curriculum overviews can be found on individual class pages.

    For more information about the curriculum, please contact the school directly.