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Meet the Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Senior Leadership Team 1 Mrs Lloyd, Head Teacher, SENDCo
Senior Leadership Team 2 Mrs Rodriguez, Assistant Head Teacher
Senior Leadership Team 3 Mrs Jones, Assistant Head Teacher

Office Staff

Office Staff 1 Mrs Lampitt, Administration Manager
Office Staff 2 Mrs Minor, Administrator
Office Staff 3 Mrs Emerson, Business Manager

Reception Team

Reception Team 1 Mrs Williams
Reception Team 2 Mrs Fullwood
Reception Team 3 Miss Thomson

Year 1 Team

Year 1 Team 1 Mrs Jones
Year 1 Team 2 Mrs Harwood
Year 1 Team 3 Mrs Jones
Year 1 Team 4 Mrs McGowan

Year 2 Team

Year 2 Team 1 Mrs Rodriguez
Year 2 Team 2 Mrs Murrells
Year 2 Team 3 Mrs Jones

Key Stage Two Teachers

Key Stage Two Teachers 1 Mr Leavesly-Matthews
Key Stage Two Teachers 2 Ms Harcup
Key Stage Two Teachers 3 Mrs Jones
Key Stage Two Teachers 4 Mrs McLeod

Key Stage Two Team

Key Stage Two Team 1 Mrs Mallard
Key Stage Two Team 2 Miss Felton
Key Stage Two Team 3 Miss Mares
Key Stage Two Team 4 Mrs Sharman
Key Stage Two Team 5 Miss Davies
Key Stage Two Team 6 Mrs Wilding
Key Stage Two Team 7 Mrs Pardoe
Key Stage Two Team 8 Storm

SEND and Thrive Practitioner

SEND and Thrive Practitioner 1 Mrs Roberts

Outdoor Learning Manager and Stay and Play Manager

Outdoor Learning Manager and Stay and Play Manager 1 Rob Williams

Our Animals

Our Animals 1 Gary - our male crested gecko
Our Animals 2 Gwen - our female crested gecko
Our Animals 3 A few of our bees...
Our Animals 4 Jessie - our female goat
Our Animals 5 JP - our male goat
Our Animals 6 Our giant millipede!