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Thrive Well Being Tool Kits

There’s no denying it, this lockdown feels different to the last. Nationwide, expectations for learning in and out of school are much higher. Undoubtedly, this puts pressure on families and we could easily forget to make time for our well-being. 

In Lockdown one, Thrive produced weekly timetables of activities to engage children of different ages. The activities were expertly designed to match the emotional age of children and their needs as well as to encourage time-in together, having fun and maintaining important family connections. We will continue to send these out. 

However, this year Thrive have listened to feedback from parents and created simpler Well-Being kits too. These are handy posters that parents and children can dip into throughout the month around their schedules for home-learning.  

Each month has a different theme, and kits are available for each age group. Kits will be sent out by school email and will be available through the school website.