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Sports Crew 2023/2024


Daisy P

My name is Daisy and I'm in Year 6. I like all sports because I am a sporty person but if I had to choose one sport, I would choose football because I enjoy it and I am good at it. I support West Bromwich Albion. I play as a central midfielder.


My favourite inspirational sports person is Jed Wallace as he shows good sportsmanship, he is determined, he is skillful, unselfish with the ball and he is captain for WBA.


I wanted to be part of sports crew because I am passionate about sports.


Xander H

My name is Xander and I am in Year 6.


I love sports and I love going outdoors to play. My favourite sport is golf because I have started going to the driving range and playing with my dad. 


I want to be a part of sports crew to be a good role model to the younger children in our school and to help people achieve in their chosen sports activities.

Vinnie P 


My name is Vinnie and I am currently in Year 6.

I am dedicated to being the best footballer I can. What position? Goalkeeper!


My inspirational sports person is Thibaut Courtois because he is an amazing goalie and is a professional footballer.


I want to be part of sports crew because I love sports, I enjoy both participating and observing all types of sports.

William M 


My name is Will and I am in year 6. I really like cricket and judo. I got into cricket by seeing an advert on TV about all stars. This made me want to try it out and when I did, I really enjoyed it. My favourite sports person is J.Anderson because he has played 183 matches, scored 1340 runs and has bowled 39,217 balls.


I want to be part of sports crew because I would like to encourage other people to play more sports.

Isabel S

My name is Isabel and I am in year 5. I love cricket and I have also enjoyed finding out about everyone who plays for my favourite teams. I like to try all different sports like football or golf, even rugby. My favourite sports person is Jack Hobbs as he is one of the greatest batsman of all time. He scored 61,760 classed runs. He is also the oldest cricketer in the century at 46 years old.


I wanted to be part of sports crew because we get to do jumping jaxx which is really fun and to learn more games.

Finley B

My name is Finley B and I am in Year 5. Up until the age of 7 I wasn't really a sporty person but then I discovered football and joined my current team, Lickhill Colts Blue.


Also only a couple of years ago, I started playing cricket thanks to my dad. Next season I will play for Stourport U11's and U13's as well as Worcester County U10's. 


I have two favourite sports people. Firstly, Jimmy Anderson because he is a great bowler and he has taken nearly 700 test match wickets. Secondly, my dad because he taught me how to play cricket.


I wanted to be part of sports crew because I want to help people find a sport that they like. I have taught my sister how to bowl and she has taught me how to cartwheel in return.

Dan D


My name is Dan D and I'm in Year 6. I love sports like football and cricket and I'm a bit competitive (maybe too much sometimes)! My inspirational sports person is my dad/my coach because he loves my team and wins us games. 


I wanted to join sports crew because my whole family likes sports(me and my dad like football, my sister loves dance and my mom likes netball). Also, I want to make a change at Lickhill and make sports fun for everyone!                                                                                                   

Jack T

My name is Jack T and I am in Year 5.


I really like football and I have been playing since I was 6. In football, my role model who I look up to is Jude Bellingham. He is a really good central midfielder, he scores lots of goals and creates them too. 


I want to be part of sports crew because I'm really into sport, I want to help others learn and also have fun.

Isobel H

My name is Isobel H and I am in Year 6.


I love judo, football and walking my dog.


My favourite sports person is Lucy Renshall because she is a British judo competitor. 

I wanted to be in sports crew because I wanted to make sure I could help our school grow to be great at sport. 

Evie H