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Year 3

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Weekly Timetable




  • Autumn and Spring terms - Swimming kit
  • Summer term only - PE kit


  • Home reading Thursday - Thursday cut off
  • Summer term - Forest School kit                           
  • PE kit


What can Parents do?


Children are expected to read at home with an adult at least 5 times a week. Each read should be clearly marked and signed into their Reading Records. Reading sessions are marked at school and are a quick way for children to earn house points and a collective class reading treat.

Reading should be a fun, engaging time with your child, try asking questions that require them to look for answers in the text. Questions can be simple fact retrieval, or more inference based where they must look for clues in the text to back up their ideas. 

Reading is signed off daily, Thursday - Thursday, Readers of the Week are celebrated on Friday.



Online homework will usually be set weekly. Children have a set number of minutes to engage with Times Tables Rockstars. They each have log in details in their Reading Records but these can be retrieved if there is a problem. Creative homework is set half-termly and is a great way to work on something bigger, better and more fabulous as a team. Creative homework often helps us to launch a new topic in school and children can earn House Points for their efforts. 



In Year 3 we start learning words from the Year 3/4 spelling list with the aim of securing 50% of them by the end of the year. We do not learn the words weekly for the test, but keep fewer words for longer to really commit them to memory. We call this Focus 5, secure spellings are swapped out, some words may rollover for further practise.



Similarly to our spellings, children will learn a single set of tables for a full half term. In school we will sing songs, play games and practice our tables throughout the week. At home they will have Times Tables Rockstars homework to complete but are encouraged to practice their tables as often as they can. There are opportunities for counting in 'lots of' or in sequence all around us, be creative and enjoy learning just a few tables at a time. Children will be informally tested throughout the half term to find out where their 'sticky' tables are and will have a proper test towards the end.


Life Experiences

We are aware of the many benefits of children being confident with their use of technology at home, at school we try to support this by teaching them how to manage their activities and behaviour online, to keep them safe and happy. Their most common concerns, raised by the children, are to do with cyber bullying, staying safe on social media, online gaming, game ratings and more generally screen time. Having an open and active role in your child's digital life is the best way to ensure they are not exposed to games, material or people that could be harmful. There are many guides for online safety available, but here is a link to one to get you started: Internet Matters.



Children must have the correct school kit for each session - it's always best to send in both their indoor and outdoor kits to include their colour team t-shirt. PE is an important part of the curriculum and whilst non-participating children will still be included in the lesson, they are missing out on developing their physical strength, balance and coordination as well as the many life skills gained through team activities.

Year 3 Yearly Overview