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Welcome to Reception

Our main ethos is to plan our curriculum with the interests of the children in mind.  We believe that we can achieve a high level of engagement, learning outcomes and mind- set towards learning through adapting our styles of teaching to suit your child’s interests.  
Their first few weeks always seem very daunting but we assure you that we are parents first! Reception staff are available everyday after school to answer any brief queries.  Please come and speak to us if you have any questions. 

Weekly Staff Timetable

Day/ Staff


Monday (Mrs Williams/ Ms Felton)


Tuesday (Mrs Williams/Ms Felton)

P.E - Kit required

Wednesday (Mrs Williams/ Rob Williams/Ms Felton)

  • Forest School (Forest School kit required)

Thursday (Mrs Williams/Ms Felton/ Mrs Mallard)


Friday (Mrs Williams/ Ms Felton)


What Can Parents Do?

Be positive!  We completely understand how hard it is for families when their children start school.  It feels like a huge step.  At Lickhill we are very much about welcoming the families.  Right from the beginning we hope that you can see that we are human!  Working together is what will makes our school special.



Communication is the key to a positive partnership. We are available after school daily. We also have the See-saw portal to ensure that you are able to access us during the week. There will also be a weekly newsletter that will outline the weeks learning as well as upcoming events and the vocabulary for the week.



The expectation for our children is to read five times a week. We realise how tired the children are when they first start school so please log any stories that you have shared together. Our aim is for the children to love books! We share stories all the time at Lickhill and the children love to share books from our magical suite case!



The children will be given home learning tasks on a fortnightly basis.  These are tasks that can be enjoyed a family, they will range from going for a walk, with the purpose of road safety or creating a collage of their favourite character or playing a game and learning how to lose as well as win!


Sight Words and Spellings

Reception children have 45 sight words that they are expected to read by the end of the Reception Year.  These are very much embedded into our daily routine and we learn them through actions. They are sent home during the year, for you to be able to support them at home. If they are magical at recognising them their next challenge is to spell them!


Forest School

We have a weekly forest school session run by Rob. The children love it! We are out there in all weathers to learn about our surroundings and habitats. The children learn about safety in the outdoors as well as identifying trees and how to build fires. Hot chocolates are a must in the cold weather!


During the two yearly discovery cycle, these are the topics we will cover.

Cycle 1


Cycle 2


Are we all the same?

Are we all the same?           

Celebrations/ Festivals -

do we all celebrate the

same things?

Are all families the same?

How do we keep healthy?

Where do people live?

How do we keep healthy?

Traditional Tales

Tales with Tails

Traditional Tales

* These topics are subject to

change according to the

interests of the children. 


Reception Curriculum Overview