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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5


Year 5 is an incredibly important academic year full of new expectations, such as increasing independence and maturity, but the children's sense of well-being remains at the heart of it all.  Happy children learn best!

Year 5 is a fantastic learning environment where children feel safe to fail while taking risks and mistakes are embraced and learnt from. However, high levels of focus, ambition, behaviour and respect are expected at all times.  The school's ethos of our 7 secrets of success are often referred to as children develop their moral compass when reflecting on their attitudes and personal choices as they grow and develop into young adults.  In Year 5, children are encouraged to be the best they can be and to believe that can achieve their potential if they have a positive mind-set. 

Weekly Timetable








 PE with Miss Lambert (full kit required)


1st half term: PE with Mrs McLeod

2nd half term: Forest School - pm (Forest School kit required)


Times table check

Spelling test

What can Parents do?


In Year 5 a minimum of 5 reads are expected every week and 1 token will be awarded for this achievement.

Understandably at this age it may become not very “cool” to read aloud to parents.  However, regularly questioning your child when reading is vital to support strong comprehension skills and the ability to develop opinions and justifications by using evidence in the text to support their reasoning.



This will be set on Seesaw on a Tuesday and will be due the following Tuesday. It will be combination of worksheets, activities and online work, totalling around an hour a week.  A homework club is held on Friday lunchtimes for anyone wanting a little support or use of school computers.



Common Exception spellings are assessed every term and any gaps in learning are sent home for you to support your children in achieving.


Life experiences

Support your child in handling and understanding money, telling the time, (knowing days of the week, months of the year etc.) reading timetables and schedules, cooking, washing clothes and being aware of developing independence with their own personal hygiene.


PE & Forest School

Forest School will be on Thursday afternoons depending on which half term they go. Keep a look out on the newsletter for confirmed information. Children should come to school in their uniform and then change into PE or forest school kit.  They will then go home without changing.


PE sessions are every Wednesday and Thursday (except when forest school is happening). Children should be suitably prepared for the weather and the uniform policy adhered to. Added suggestions include sending spare socks, tying up long hair and roll on deodorant is also advised to be included at this age – please note no aerosols are allowed.  

Year 5 Yearly Overview