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Welcome to Lickhill Primary School

Lickhill Primary School, Stourport is an exciting and inspiring place. Our success stems from a relentless drive to put memorable learning experiences at the heart of all we do in our broad and balanced curriculum.


Our dynamic teaching methods and aspirational ethos ignite in our children a lifelong zest for learning; building high self esteem and a strong determination to succeed.

We continually encourage our children to explore, invent and create. By steering their natural curiosity we create children who are confident, bold and prepared to be challenged.

Lickhill Primary School is proud to be part of the Central Region Schools Trust, working collaboratively with other Trust schools to create learning that is inspirational for all and promoting opportunity and social justice across all our school communities. 

“This is a happy, vibrant school with a wonderful energy to it. Every child deserves to be successful, and our role is to help them blossom, grow and believe that everything is possible.”

Mrs Jane Lloyd – Principal

Within our beautiful and extensive grounds, our forest school offers a magical world of discovery. Here children learn first hand about the riches of the natural environment whilst developing important life skills such as team work, problem solving and resilience.

Children have just one childhood; we believe their primary school experience should be magical and wondrous, filled with inspirational and unforgettable learning experiences. At Lickhill, we know it is both our duty and privilege to help children delight in their precious childhood years, building a firm foundation for the rest of their lives.