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Budding artists in Year 2!

We have had the best day creating work to refresh our classroom displays today. 

The children were each tasked to sketch a toucan simply from looking at a picture of one. We then watched a step by step how to draw a toucan video, pausing it at each stage and mastering that element. We also used oil pastels for the first time using blending skills on the beak and solid fill on the body. The children couldn't believe the improvement in their sketches and quite frankly, I couldn't believe that this was a year 2 class. They are amazing!! 

We learnt that in order to get the best quality the following things are crucial: 

•focus - a quiet environment


•patience and resilience

•taking a risk - even when it seems scary

•making mistakes, being proud of them and learning from them

•attention to detail - finishing first doesn't always mean the best quality

•listening to feedback and using it


The list goes on..... We had a good chat about how important these skills are and how many of them link to our 7 secrets to success. We are going to see what happens when we use these traits in other areas of our learning! 


Take a look at their before and after sketches below!