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Farewell Mrs Davies!

The whole school came dressed in pink today in honor of a lady who transformed Lickhill into the successful school it is today: Mrs Davies. The day she arrived, 10 years ago, she was dressed head to toe in bright pink and since then we have always associated that colour with her. In fact, one of our Year 6 children, Abi, dressed in that very outfit for her leaving assembly. 

We wished Mrs Davies the best of luck in her new school in Cambridge and honoured her with our own version of Lily the Pink (Helen the Pink - the saviour of Lickhill Primary School). Both tears and laughter were shared as we reminisced and bid her farewell. Under her leadership and vision, Lickhill transformed from a school in desperate need of improvement to the wonderful school we share today. You have left footprints in our hearts Mrs Davies - it's only fair that we now share your gift with a school currently in greater need than us. Keep in touch!