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Firefighters in Year 1 and 2!

What a fun afternoon!!! James, Becky and Rob visited us today to help us learn all about their job as firefighters! We learnt so many things about what they do and their kit. We didn't realize that as well as putting out fires, they also attend traffic accidents, animal rescues and even water rescues! 

It was all part of our Who Am I topic - one of our RSE objectives is learning about people who keep us safe. 

The children decided that they wanted the teachers to try on the kit so Mrs Harwood and myself had to put the full firefighter kit on! Everytime the children answered a question correctly we had to put another item on. It was so heavy - I can't imagine having to run or work in it, especially in the Summer!! 

The children were sent home with some leaflets - one about smoke detectors (if you don't have any, get in touch and they will fit them for you)and another about

parking safely so that fire engines can get through, particularly around busy places like schools. 

A huge thank you to James, Becky and Rob for giving up some of their free time to come and educate us today. It was a lot of fun!!