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Mr Leavesley-Matthews Marathon Update

Hello, as promised, here is a quick update of my Marathon journey and what the children have managed to raise so far.


I am so pleased to tell you all that in this short time, families have already donated a whopping £125!  All donations go directly to the PTA, who are planning to use the money to support our school playground development. 


Whilst we are lucky to have a beautiful school site, the playground is definitely in need of some love and attention. To help find out exactly what children want to see on their new playground, School Council have been doing an amazing job of consulting with classes across the school.  So everything we raise will be going to towards new equipment and features the children have chosen themselves.


Running this week has been quite chilly and gloomy. In fact, I have grabbed a bargain at a local gym to get some kilometres done in slightly more comfortable conditions. Also, I have a great plan to follow for the next few weeks, and this is keeping me on track with manageable distances to hit during the week and a longer run to do on the weekends.


As we get closer to the marathon and the weather improves, it would be amazing to plan some opportunities for children and parents to join in with short sections of my weekend runs too. 


Thank you for all the words of encouragement, please keep donating, every penny counts.


Mr Leavesley-Matthews