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Rob's animals visit Y2


This afternoon Year 2 had a visit from Rob and his creatures!


Before we met any of the creatures, Year 2 impressed me by recalling a long list of trees that we have in forest school: Hazel, Silver Birch, Oak, Sweet Chestnut, Horse Chestnut, Bird Cherry and Sycamore.


We started off meeting his two Madagascan hissing cockroaches, named so because they make a hissing sound to warn off predators; they do it to sound like a snake.


Giant Millipedes were next on the agenda. Millipedes can secrete a liquid when they are scared, which Rob informs us doesn’t taste very nice?!? These millipedes are from Africa and are very gentle. They eat rotting things. They have little mites that live on their body to clean them and the mites get fed! Some monkeys use them as insect repellents o keep mosquitos away. They annoy them so that they secrete their liquid and then rub it all over them.