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Things to do together, when we have to stay at home.

These are very unusual times, very soon lots of people are going to be asked to stay at home for their health. Many people will have to stay indoors for a long time. Year 3 have been thinking about this. It’s not nice to have to stay away from the ones we love, and people may start to feel frustrated and lonely being at home for such a long time. We have created a list of ideas to stay in contact with all of our friends and family when we might not be able to visit them. Using video calling, messenger, shared photo albums, Alexa and old-fashioned letters and phone calls, we can help to keep everyone feeling happy and loved.


  • Daily Reading by video call.
  • Bedtime Story by video call or speakerphone.
  • Write a funny, scary, adventurous story, a line each at a time. Write a poem together - by email, text, messenger.
  • Learn a new skill, a language, knitting, crochet, growing a seed - by video call, messenger, Alexa Drop-In or speakerphone.
  • Cook along , make the same thing for dinner, bake a cake, or learn a new recipe.
  • Play Tik, Tak, Toe, Eye-Spy, Simon Says, Charades on video call.
  • Open a shared photo-album and take photos for them. Take photos of things you have been doing like gardening or artwork.
  • Do a family quiz.
  • Go on a virtual tour of a museum together.
  • Send pressed flowers, postcards, pop-up cards or artwork by post.
  • Share funny videos together.
  • Have a tea party together on video call.


Have fun and stay safe.

Love from

Year 3