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Year 2 animal encounters!

What an afternoon! Rob brought some of our Lickhill family into the classroom this afternoon: Gary the gecko, one of his children (Gary's not Rob's!), A giant African millipede and an Australian stick insect. The quality of the questions the children asked were impressive and because of this we learnt some amazing facts, such as: 

  • The tail of this breed of gecko will fall off if they feel threatened or scared. 
  • They live up to 3 years in the wild but most of them don't keep their tail until this age. 
  • They only eat live food. 
  • They can jump from tree to tree. 
  • They have sticky feet which allow them to climb windows! 
  • The giant millipedes excrete a foul smelling and tasting liquid to warn of predators. 
  • Their feet are sticky, and feel a bit like a hair brush! 
  • They eat rotten fruit and leaves. 

That's just a taste of what they learnt today so thank you very much Rob!