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Year 2 are back!!!

What a lovely morning so far! The children have come in with mixed emotions - some a little nervous, others raring to go. By break time however, they were all full of smiles and loving being back together!

We have spent some time catching up, sharing stories of lockdown as well as playing games and activities which require team work and good communication. 

We read the book 'My Strong Mind' by Niels Van Hove which is all about taking control of our mind to help us overcome any challenges. We made an oragami paper boat, the same as the main character Kate, to help us learn how to use breathe to calm our emotions. She calls it 'rock the boat'. You place the paper boat on your tummy and it rocks when you breath in and out deeply and slowly. Have a go together! We were blown away by how well the children listened and followed the complicated instructions to make their own boat! 

It is such a joy to have them all back together!