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Year 3 and 4 visit Slimbridge Wetland Centre

On Thursday 23rd January, Year 3 and 4 spent an absolutely fascinating day at Slimbridge Wetland Centre.


As part of our Powerful Planet topic, children learnt all about the importance of our wetland areas as a part of the water cycle. We surveyed water quality by inspecting the mini-beasts and plants that grow in our wetlands. We became Arctic explorers performing the important task of monitoring Bewick swan populations and learnt about human impact on our water cycle and natural habitats, and how conservation work has brought many species back from the brink of extinction.


Children also became amateur 'birders', looking through binoculars and digital telescopes at some of our migratory visitors, including beautiful barnacle geese.


The centre staff were absoluety fantastic and all children showed their best manners and effort throughout the day. Thank you to all parents who supported us to make this trip possible. For siblings or other year groups, we would fully recommend the centre to for your half term holiday bucket lists.