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Year 3 are Young Pick Up Artists!

Thank you so much to Karen and the Pick Up Artists for their visit to Lickhill this afternoon. 

Year 3 learnt all about the impact of littering on our environment and sadly witnessed the effect of littering from their parents generation too! 

Armed with ‘gators’ and bag hoops, we swept the school site, safely collecting the rubbish that spoils our school environment, and worse harms our wildlife. Whilst we were proud of how much we managed to collect, we learnt lessons about being careful to put all of our rubbish in the right bins, inside and out of school.


We were very surprised to find that one crisp packet, caught in our school boundary, dated back to 1998! It was totally intact and demonstrated how single use, waste plastics can be so damaging to our planet. 

The children will present their facts and findings about the experience to the rest of the school on Friday, but challenge them to share their facts at home. Perhaps, even join the Pick Up Artists on their next outing.