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Year 3 - Ready for Summer with Golden Turmeric Tie -Dye T-shirts

Well last week's Forest School was a bit of a wash out, no fires to heat the water to make our dye... But that didn't stop Year 3.


In the classroom, we prepared two big pots, one of salt water and one to make our all natural turmeric dye.


We started by creating our designs, wrapping white cotton fabrics in string and elastic bands. The fabric then had to be soaked in a hot salt water solution to help the colour stick. Using pipettes we created our designs with the bright yellow dye - aprons on! We had to wait overnight for the results to let the colour really settle. The big reveal was very exciting, each t-shirt and square of fabric was unique.


The children came up with some fantastic adjectives to describe the colour and smell of the fresh and dried spice and wrote great recounts of what they did.


Finally the weather has broken, and tomorrow children will be repeating the process themselves on an open fire in Forest School using beetroot and red cabbage to create their dye. Photos to come.