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Year 6 open-fire cooking!

Thanks to Rob, the whole-day cooking experience in Year 6 has become a right of passage in the last days of the year. It recognises and celebrates the maturity and independence of our children. They have to build their own pit, scavenge for firewood, build and maintain thier own fires and use them to cook a three-course meal!  It requires lots of skills, especially problem-solving. For example, 'What does 175ml of water look like?', 'What can I put the pan on over the fire that won't burn itself?', and even 'What do we do with the dirty things now we're finished?' (You wash them up!).

Huge success all round and some nommy food which was generously shared. Thanks team, and well done! Massive shout-out to Rob and our helpers - Mrs Sharman, Mrs Roberts and Miss Davies.